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To the untrained eye, an Intimate Wedding and a traditional micro wedding appear one and the same. In reality, there are a few key differences that set Intimate Weddings apart.

An Intimate Wedding is a carefree wedding day shared with other like-minded couples — everyone’s ceremony at different times. Think of it as a stylized elopement, tiny destination wedding, or family-only celebration without the drama and fuss of a large-scale wedding. You share the set-up costs with the other couples getting married same-day, so your total investment (both in time and money) is less.

At Intimate Weddings 30A, we go above and beyond to make sure your special day is not only intimate, but is also innovative in its technique and intentional in its design. Let’s break down our three-pronged approach:

A table setting at a wedding is displayed. The table covering is a light blue and the chairs are tan with a rounded back. A glass lantern completes the centerpiece.


Our approach features a one-of-a-kind planning experience that’s unique to modern weddings. We first curate a team of experienced wedding vendors local to 30A — from caterers to photographers to musicians that specialize in live, acoustic performance. Once the vendor team is solidified, we begin designing the event to best highlight the venue and the season. We feature the essentials and skip the fuss. That means you get that special wedding by the beach without spending time on venue fees and catering menus.

A tented wedding reception is depicted. The tent is draped with white fabric and sits atop a green field


Since we’re creating a simple-yet-stylized day for you and your guests, every detail must be specifically curated. We’ll plan a beautiful ceremony — one with stunning florals and delicate accents — that’s followed by a champagne toast and a sweet treat. And not to worry — a private photography session is included, as well. In just 90 minutes, we accomplish a stunning, detailed event from start to finish.

A bride and groom are depicted in silhouette. They are on a beach and it is sunset.


By capping your guest list at 30 people, we allow you to place the emphasis of your wedding day back on you, the couple. You get the day of your dreams, without the major investment of time and funds. 

Whether you are having a family celebration first with a larger reception to follow, or choosing a simple, small event from start to finish, Intimate Weddings 30A provides the experience you want, without the fluff.

While you do share the date with other couples, your special day is completely private and exclusive to you. We ensure everything is set up to allow maximum intimacy across ceremonies.


Your wedding day should be meaningful, not complicated. At Intimate Weddings 30A, we believe that an elegant destination wedding on 30A is attainable for everyone. We are offering a perfect balance between an over-the-top wedding and a private elopement. Our approach removes the production that weddings can become and instead focuses on the joy of the day. Book now!

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A bride and groom are facing away from the camera towards a beach. It is dusk. The bride and groom are wearing their wedding clothes in this portrait.


What Is An Intimate Wedding?

We recently threw an intimate day for some precious couples. Their all-inclusive wedding package in 30A was the perfect intimate ceremony option, complete with lush, organic, seasonal florals. Check out images from one of our couples, Anna + Andrew, and learn more about this offering.

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