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One of the biggest questions we get asked is WHY someone should have an Intimate Wedding with us (often as opposed to a larger, more traditional wedding or even a typical elopement). For us, it all comes down to the experience. Specifically, we think there are three top reasons to choose and Intimate Wedding.

A bride and groom exchange their vows on a sandy beach with trees behind them,. They are both wearing white. They are joined by family and friends in casual attire. Their small brown dog is also in attendance.

Elevated Design, Expedited Process

Our approach to weddings (read more about it here) is ideal for couples that want a quick ceremony, champagne toast, sweet treat and a send off with 30 or fewer guests, all with elevated design in mind. So what do you get with one our options? You get a professionally designed micro-wedding package at one of our 30A venues, but you don’t have to plan it! So what does that mean, specifically? We plan every last detail of your wedding day so YOU don’t HAVE to. All you have to do is show up, marry the love of your life, enjoy your gorgeous setting, and live happily ever after!

Light pink and medium pink florals are displayed on a neutral linen background. Diamond style pineapple earrings are displayed along side a golden/bronze hangar with an intricate twisted design.

Smaller Wedding Now, Larger Celebration Later

While we have seen a rise in the smaller wedding trends due to COVID-19, the desire for many couples is to have a quick ceremony or elopement followed by a larger reception later down the line. Oftentimes, this can be due to a looming military deployment, or sometimes even a family health issue. Whatever the reason, intimate weddings are here to stay. We love that we combine a beautiful event with all of the stunning details you desire with a day of your nearest and dearest friends and family.

The Meeting House at Carillon Beach in 30A, Florida s decorated with light brown wooden chairs and a tropical altar and floral chandelier. The meeting house is a chapel-like room with wood floors and white walls and ceiling.

Beautiful, But Sustainable

For many couples, sustainability and environmental impact is a huge roadblock to the wedding day of their dreams. Our micro-wedding packages are the perfect solution for the environmentally conscious couple who values beauty and luxurious details. How so? One set-up, 4-6 couples sharing the cost. There is no one-and-done with our weddings, so the gorgeous floral arrangements, bouquets, and even environmental impact of the venue is shared with other couples. You truly can have the details you long for without worrying that it will all be thrown away after. What could be better than knowing that the details in your wedding are also the backdrop for the love story of others?

Do you have questions about this new way to wed, or our approach at Intimate Weddings 30A? Check out this blog post and our FAQ page!

Photos by Rae Leytham Photography and PS Cobia Photography.


Why Should I Have An Intimate Wedding?

We recently threw an intimate day for some precious couples. Their all-inclusive wedding package in 30A was the perfect intimate ceremony option, complete with lush, organic, seasonal florals. Check out images from one of our couples, Anna + Andrew, and learn more about this offering.

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Specifically, we think there are three top reasons to choose and Intimate Wedding.

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