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Although COVID-19 may have completely upended your original wedding plans, that doesn’t mean the celebration of your dreams is out of reach. Read on to learn more about some pandemic wedding options that are traditional and meaningful, while still being covid-conscious and low stress.

Marry now, celebrate later.

The thought of more waiting can be hard to stomach. But instead of worrying about open dates, vaccine appointments or canceled vendor contracts, perhaps a trip to the courthouse is the perfect temporary solution for you and your honey. Then, when it’s safer and easier, plan a large reception to celebrate your union with those most special to you. 

Consider a micro wedding.

A micro wedding is larger than an elopement but smaller than a traditional ceremony — typically 50 people or less. And although these celebrations feature fewer guests, don’t be fooled — they pack every bit as much style, significance and fun as a 250-person event. By choosing a micro wedding you’re not only saving money; you’re also limiting potential COVID-19 exposure. For optimal ease and safety, find a service like Intimate Weddings 30A that plans your entire celebration from start to finish, and places an emphasis on pandemic guidelines and sanitization. Bonus: we limit your full celebration to 90 minutes, which means you get the wedding of your dreams while keeping yourself and your loved ones as safe as possible. For optimal caution, we even offer a live stream add-on alongside one of our Creative Partners.

A bride tosses the bouquet at her wedding reception. She wears a mask for safety.
Photo by Miranda Stallings Photography

Hire a planner to handle it all.

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is like the Olympics of wedding planning — what was already difficult becomes herculean. At this point, plenty of planners have navigated the complicated pandemic landscape, so their advice and guidance is invaluable. It could save you lots of time (and headaches) to hire a seasoned COVID-19 event planning veteran. They’ll not only assist in finding the best venue and vendors for your needs, but they should have a robust knowledge of pandemic safety guidelines and best practices in your area. For some of our favorite planners here in 30A, visit our Creative Partners page.

Go virtual.

From college graduations to first birthday parties, no one is a stranger to a Zoom celebration at this point. Take advantage of the population’s newfound technology skills and host your wedding virtually. Have friends and family log on for a live-streamed ceremony, then dance the night away with your virtual guests. Make everyone feel at home by sending ingredients for a custom cocktail to each attendee, or suggesting recipe options for everyone to make at home. When you can’t eat and drink together in-person, virtually is the next best thing.

Find a spot outside.

If it’s possible and makes sense for your event, try moving your celebration outside! CDC guidelines state that areas with greater ventilation are safer for gatherings, as it’s harder for droplets to spread from person to person. Try arranging chairs in a socially-distanced formation, and/or seating members of the same household together. For example, we love the stylish set-up below.

We can’t wait until it’s safe to celebrate en masse; but until then, we hope you found some inspiration and solace in the pandemic wedding ideas listed above. Never fear — you can still commemorate your love safely. For printable checklists, handy tools and more COVID-19 wedding ideas, check out this post on The Knot.

A bride and groom are married in a quaint chapel. Friends and family around them wear masks for safety.


A Pandemic Wedding — Your Options

We recently threw an intimate day for some precious couples. Their all-inclusive wedding package in 30A was the perfect intimate ceremony option, complete with lush, organic, seasonal florals. Check out images from one of our couples, Anna + Andrew, and learn more about this offering.

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A bride and groom are married in a quaint chapel. Friends and family around them wear masks for safety.

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