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Your wedding day should be meaningful, not complicated. We believe that weddings can be intentional, affordable, and effortless without sacrificing a sought-after ceremony venue, high style, and timeless imagery. 

We believe that an elegant destination wedding on 30A is attainable for every one. We are offering a perfect balance between an over-the-top wedding and a private elopement. Our approach takes out the production that weddings can become, and focuses on the emotions of the day .

introducing micro wedding packages in florida

"So you're not looking to throw an extravagant party-that doesn't mean you have to elope at the courthouse. Consider the increasingly popular micro wedding, to which couples invite up to a couple of dozen close friends and family members."

"Unlike an elopement, which is organized by the bride and groom in secret, a microwedding retains some of the structure of a traditional wedding, except on a smaller scale."




what is an intimate wedding?

A modern approach to weddings. We take the time to curate the perfect team of vendors, design the event to reflect the venue and season, and include just the essentials for your wedding day. This means that you get your special wedding at the beach, without the time spent making decisions on wedding colors and catering menus. Your perfect wedding without the fuss!

Our team will create a beautiful environment for your intimate wedding. Cutting out the extra, your simple ceremony will be followed by a champagne toast and a sweet treat. We also include a private session with your photographer. In 90 minutes, we accomplish a stunning event, from start to finish. 

By keeping your guest list to up to 30 people, we allow you to place the emphasis of your wedding day back on you, the couple. You get the day of your dreams, without the major investment of time and funds. Whether you are having a family celebration now followed by a large reception later, or choosing a super intimate ceremony, Intimate Weddings 30A provides the experience you want, without the fluff.

interested in hosting intimate weddings in your city? we love our All inclusive wedding packages in florida - contact us for how to create them in your city! 

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